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Forge provides an easy way to efficiently hire, schedule and retain your hourly workforce. 

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We’ll help you find qualified talent, decrease employee turnover, and empower your workforce to work on-demand.


Browse talent on Forge and invite qualified candidates to apply for positions at your company. Our common application and optional custom questions give you the data needed to make informed decisions.


Review your candidates' applications and their responses to your company's pre-hire learning modules. Once you approve a candidate, Forge conducts a background check for you.


By approving and training more candidates for your locations, we help you create a larger available talent pool. Forge then balances supply and demand across the shared ecosystem to ensure you're staffed appropriately during all hours of the day.


Get rid of antiquated time clocks and old methods of punching in. Allow employees to clock-in and clock-out using the Forge mobile app on their mobile phones or a tablet running Forge in-store.


Forge provides a daily report card to your Team Members that gives them real-time performance feedback. Then, receive a report card from Team Members about the work environment and Managers on duty, to help you keep tabs on your locations.


Team Member engagement and retention is directly correlated to job satisfaction. Leverage Forge Perks to give your top performers the ability to earn perks after consistently getting rated well or achieving certain goals while on the job.

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Forge was built for brick and mortar businesses that rely on an efficient and knowledgeable hourly workforce.

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