Video resumes are emerging in today’s job hunt as a trendy upkeep of the growing tech market. Hiring managers love that video resumes are so vivid and present a well-rounded candidate—rather than just a list of accomplishments. These video resumes function like a pre-interview to help managers better understand the applicant “face to face.”

Vault Inc’s annual employer survey found that 89% of employers would watch a video resume if submitted to them. The primary reason (52%) these employers approved video resumes is that it allows managers to assess a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor before the interview.

Forge uses video resume questions to get you hired simply and easily. Why? Because our Team Members and Managers both love it!

So what are the benefits of using a video resume over a traditional resume?

1. Showcases your personality

A video allows you to show off who you are in a more intimate and personal way. You can use your smile, humor, body language, facial expressions, and vibrancy to engage with the hiring manager. You can put a face to the achievements and experience. You can talk about your passion and enthusiasm. You can make them get a feel for you—and for why they should hire you.

The best way to do this is with a clearly defined “purpose.” Many candidates list their purpose at the top of their resume—but this purpose is generally vague and short (often because of the lack of space on a single page of a resume). For example, “I’m looking for a waitressing position.”

The purpose in a video can be more colorful, descriptive, and vivid: “I’m looking for a server’s position where I will have a loyal clientele that I can get to know on an intimate, first-name basis, share stories with, laugh with, and get a lot of tips from.” You know what you want, and the manager will be able to see how you might fit into their company culture. This creates a better hiring decision for everyone.

2. Answers the questions managers want answered

Most paper resumes are cookie-cutter. They list what you’ve accomplished and your experience, but they don’t demonstrate your learned skills. A video resume can better discuss and showcase skills relevant to the job. For example, if you are applying for a server position, you can talk about a time you handled a difficult customer. While you’re talking in the video, balance a tray of water glasses on your arm. It’s a little goofy and silly—but it will show your personality while also demonstrating your skills and experience firsthand.

3. Creates a tailored first impression

Video interviews can help you have the perfect first impression. And first impressions are crucial to hiring success.

You can present yourself in the best possible light to hiring managers, because you are able to record and re-record until you’re pleased with your “first impression.” This also takes pressure off of any additional meetings with the manager, because you’ve already made that crucial first impression. The more comfortable you are when you meet your manager in person for the first time, the more likely they will see the “real you.”

Video Resume

4. Offers greater control

In a similar vein, you can control how you appear to employers—and how they are likely to respond to you. You never know how an interviewer will read your resume, and oftentimes it is highly dependent on their mood.

Take “I’m a people-person” for example. A happy, outgoing manager will read this as you being sociable and personable. A more reserved manager might read that as you being overbearing.

There is less room for interpretation in a video resume. If you say in the video that you love people, while talking with a warm smile and gentle pitch, you’ll show that you genuinely love people.

In essence, you can control the tone, pitch, and personality that go into your résumé. You can control how the resume is heard and received—because it’s coming directly from your mouth.

5. Proves your ability to sell

A video resume is similar to an elevator pitch. You have a set limit of time where you have to sell yourself and your skills in a creative, personable way. The ability to sell yourself verbally proves your linguistic eloquence. Basically, it says whether or not you’re a good salesperson. This is especially important for customer-facing jobs in the restaurant or retail industry.

6. Shows your tech savvy-ness (or willingness to learn)

Although creating a video resume is easy (especially when Forge walks you through it), it makes you seem tech savvy. This is a great skill for any industry, because it shows that you’re able to learn quickly with new and emerging technologies. It also demonstrates a willingness to take risks to be at the forefront of trends.

7. Ensures visibility

Traditional resumes are easy to scan and throw aside. In contrast, managers have to watch a video resume if they want to consider hiring you or not. They can’t pretend they watched it or hurry through it. This gives you the floor and focuses the attention on you and your skills—without the traditional limitations of the paper.

Your Forge Video Resume

A video interview puts your face in front of your manager… likely ahead of other candidates with traditional resumes. You become a person rather than a piece of paper.

Creating a video resume with Forge is fast, simple, and easy. You are prompted to answer situation- or experience-based questions, so you don’t have to structure the resume yourself. Answer questions simply by talking. We conduct the virtual video interview, and you just have to sell yourself!

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