celebrity work life balanceIn today’s society, celebrities are the cultivators of ideas and trends. If the Kardashians have big lips, the market becomes saturated with lip products. Audrey Hepburn wore a black dress, and now every woman must own the “little black dress.”

Beyond fashion, there are also a number of upsides to the power of the celebrity when utilized in the appropriate way. For example, Lena Dunham has become the spokesperson for endometriosis, a previously unfamiliar disease, and Ashton Kutcher has alerted people to the concerns of modern-day slavery.

Now, more and more celebrities are hopping on the work-life balance buzz as well. We look to celebrities to tell us how to live our lives—and now more than ever, celebrities are telling us that balancing different facets of life is critical.

When we hear about the work-life integrations from celebrities with such successful careers, it’s stimulation in the fight for work-life balance, equality in the workplace, and an increase in flexible working options.

Here are just some of the many hottest celebrities making a splash in the flexible working world.

1. Jessica Alba

Jessica alba familyJessica Alba proves that work-life balance is not only possible but profitable. Mom to two kids, Honor and Haven, Alba has continuously proven that working moms can—and should—have it all.

Alba became well known for her acting career, but she’s now even better known for her The Honest Company brand. She wanted healthy, natural products that she could use in her home without endangering her family. When she couldn’t find the products she wanted on the market, she made them.

Alba has now grown The Honest Company into a $1.7 billion brand—while still being a rockstar mom to her two daughters.

She is the epitome of work-life integration. Her work is creating products that she wants to use in her own life. She is driven in her career through a primary passion for her family.

She is also an advocate for “parent time.” She often discusses the importance of taking time for yourself to reboot and recharge. Get sleep, go on date night, and have fun with the girls. Do what you need to do to stay energized for your family and your work.

Advice from Alba: “Don’t be hard on yourself. Doing your best to be present wherever you are is what’s important.” (Parents Latina)

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

leo dicaprio foundationDiCaprio is consistently and successfully demonstrating that work-life balance is more than just work and family. He has dedicated a significant portion of his time and resources to a number of environmental campaigns, including his own Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. He gets his energy, excitement, and drive from serving a cause outside himself.

He is dedicated to his work, but he’s the first to say that that’s not enough. If you get too dedicated to your work without having an external life, you can drive yourself into the ground.

Leo is passionate about the environment. That is his definition of “life” in the work-life balance.

Like Leo, it’s important to live a life that you’re passionate about. In turn, that passion will bleed into your work as well.

Advice from DiCaprio: “At the end of the day, and I truly believe this, it’s not about achieving great wealth or success… What matters is whether or not you’ve fulfilled the idea of having led an interesting life, whether you’ve contributed in some way to the world around you.” (Telegraph)

3. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer garner familyAt Elle Women in Hollywood, Jennifer Garner gave a speech about gender inequality. She told a story of how interviewers asked her how she balanced work and family, but no one asked her then-husband Ben Affleck about his experience as a working dad. They both had the same family and career, but they only asked Jennifer, because she is a mom “trying to have it all.”

This highlighted two important aspects about work-life balance inequality:

  • Women are expected to “have it all” with the work-life balance that society dictates for them.
  • Men are assumed not to have (or care about) a work-life balance.

Jennifer Garner is a great example that you can have a fulfilling career as a parent—whether male or female.

Advice from Garner: “Isn’t it time to change the conversation?” (Today)

4. Will and Jada Smith

will smith familyWill Smith told Us Weekly that he and his wife Jada have struggled to find a balance between work and life. They went through a few hiccups in their relationship that caused them to turn introspectively and reevaluate what they really want in life. They’ve been open and honest with the public about their issues, which has helped couples who are going through the same struggles.

A recent Facebook video by Will Smith became popular because he talks about the value of happiness. He goes on to discuss the importance of finding your personal joy. You can’t make anyone happy but yourself.

Work-life balance is about finding a balance that makes you happy. When you find that inner acceptance, you can be the best version of yourself for your partner, your kids, your friends, and your work.

You won’t find happiness at work or at home. You have to find happiness within yourself, so you can give that happiness to your career and your life.

Advice from Will: “It’s unfair and it’s kind of unrealistic and can be destructive to place the responsibility for your happiness on anybody other than yourself.” (Video)

5. Barack and Michelle Obama

Obama familyWhen Barack and Michelle Obama were in office, they had a full schedule—but they made sure their personal lives didn’t get lost. Their daughters were more than just White House children—they were Barack and Michelle’s children first before a political family.

Both Barack and Michelle became advocates for working parents. Michelle was a voice for working mothers, while Barack continued the conversation and widened the scope to the whole family.

Barack said, at the White House Summit on Working Families: “Too often, these issues are thought of as women’s issues, which I guess means you can kind of scoot them aside a bit. Anything that makes life harder for women makes life harder for families and children. This is about you too, men.”

With the Obamas in the White House, the idea of work-family balance became not just a hot topic of conversation but a hot topic of policy. Flexible working options are quickly becoming more readily available and accepted in today’s job market.

Advice from Michelle: “I thought if you want me to do the job, you got to pay me to do the job and you got to give me flexibility. Flexibility means that I will work my tail off for you, but you better pay me and value my family.” (Working Families)


If the President and First Lady can have a strong work-life balance, why can’t you?

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