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The happiness of your customers is a direct reflection of the happiness of your employees. The more engaged and loyal your employees, the better they can serve your guests.

In fact, a study in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology proved that employee commitment and engagement has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and business performance.

Too often, companies are focused on implementing customer-facing technology as a means of increasing customer experience. But improving customer technology while neglecting the needs of employees can drastically damage customer satisfaction.

Company culture has a direct influence on the customer’s experience with that company.

Employee-facing technology has become a strong tool to make the workers’ job easier. This allows the employee to have a more streamlined and effective work experience, so they can focus their efforts on service and relationship building with guests.

If you want to improve your guest experience, you need to first improve employee engagement with robust technology and flexible work.

What are the benefits of focusing on employee technology for a more streamlined business?

1. Enhanced recruiting

Technology is making hiring processes smarter and simpler. Tech has advanced beyond just online job boards and Skype interviews. Today’s technology applications are able to recruit and screen employees in a highly streamlined way.

recruitmentFor example, IBM introduced the IRIS by Watson. This uses machine learning to prioritize filling the most difficult or necessary positions first. It also scores applicants based on their cover letters, resumes, work history, background checks, and other jobs. This kind of technology uses machine learning to shorten the recruitment process.

This is only one tech example. These kinds of machine learning have not yet been introduced in the mainstream due to high costs. Many organizations also feel this kind of “AI” is too hands-off for the intimate process of recruiting.

That’s where systems like Forge have stepped in. Our software makes it easier to source and hire new employees without losing the hands-on screening or interviewing process.

Forge’s Share Talent feature creates an integrated system that lets companies source employees from nearby businesses. This delivers a wide pool of relevant, trained applicants in minutes. From there, hiring managers can bring candidates through the typical interviewing and hiring process to ensure appropriate culture fit.

This kind of technology not only sources a large number of applicants—it sources a large number of qualified, knowledgeable candidates. Companies are getting access to local businesses that have already screened and trained their employees. For example, you would be hiring a housekeeper for your hotel from a pool of nearby hotels’ housekeepers.

Share Talent allows you to save time finding and screening relevant candidates for your jobs. This, in turn, reduces onboarding and training costs. You bring on the best talent at the lowest possible expense.

Learn more about Forge Share Talent here.

2. Optimized schedules

Today’s technology makes it’s easier than ever to host a wide talent pool consisting of a number of workers in the same job position. Tech applications allow you to organize workers simply and efficiently on a shared platform.

flexible scheduleAfter sourcing applicants through Forge’s Share Talent, managers can hire as many employees as they want. They don’t have to just select one or two individuals from the pool of applicants to fill a single job.

With Forge’s Scheduling tool, companies are able to host a wide pool of self-scheduling employees. You could theoretically have 10 or 20 employees for the same three or four positions. The wider the talent pool, the greater the availability for employees to pick up and fill open shifts. Ultimately, this means you have more hands on-deck to serve your customers.

Technology also helps increase communication. With streamlined tech, workers don’t miss shifts because they don’t have the most updated handwritten schedule or Excel doc. All workers have access to a centralized system that is updated in real-time to show open and filled shifts. This helps reduce costs associated with both absenteeism and presenteeism.

This ensures your shifts are filled, so there are always available workers to provide top-notch service to your customers.

3. Improves engagement

This self-scheduling technology also allows employees to choose the hours they want to work. Employees can schedule their work around their personal obligations, which gives them more control over their own work-life balance. This personal control boosts motivation, engagement, and satisfaction.

When your employees are happier, they can better serve the customer.

Moreover, technology can help foster learning experiences and trainings for employees. Learning management systems help boost professional development by offering online and mobile courses to employees.

Beyond eLearning courses, technology has also made it easier to track the progress of employees. With applications like Forge’s Rating System, managers can rate each employee based on their performance during the shift. This allows employees to see how well they’re performing and where they need room for improvement.

Businesses can then use these ratings to determine which employees should advance and which need more training. This allows managers to pinpoint, encourage, and promote top talent within the company.

In return, employees can also rate the experience of their shift. This gives the worker a voice in the company culture. This helps managers understand the overall motivation and satisfaction of employees to consistently push towards improved processes.

Employees want control over their work experience. Technology gives them that personalized control that boosts engagement and motivation. This engagement with their job in turn creates an improved environment and experience for the customer.

4. Saves time

saves time

Technology saves time for your employees. Workers can quickly and easily self-schedule their hours, clock in and out, and discuss performance with their managers—all from their mobile device. Employees aren’t wasting time talking about who has what shift or trying to switch hours with their friends. They maintain complete control right at their fingertips in a fast, efficient way.

Managers also save a significant amount of time by streamlining recruiting and handing scheduling over to the employees. This allows managers to instead focus on the customer experience, knowing the employee experience is already handled.

Conversations about time-in-attendance drift away, and instead the dialogue turns to questions of customer service and engagement. This saved time can be utilized to innovate, create, and serve the customer.


Technology is not the enemy of business. It’s not killing the American worker or getting rid of jobs. Rather, technology has become the solution to make jobs simpler, more efficient, and more productive.

Employee-facing technology improves the company culture by recruiting top talent, reducing absenteeism costs, filling shifts, encouraging strong workers, and enhancing engagement and motivation.

Engaged, happy workers are able to best serve the needs of your customer.

The customer will feel the positivity of your employees and relate that back to their perception of your organization and brand.

What do you want your brand perception to be?

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