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A Qualified Talent Pool

It’s increasingly hard to find the right talent at the right time to work in your store. Trade talent with your neighbors through Forge’s shared labor pool and scheduling software.

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Simplified Hiring 

Forge’s hiring portal provides candidate ratings to show you exactly who will perform well in your store, give you the opportunity to invite individuals to apply to work at your location, and helps you interview prospective talent before they even step in your store. 

Fill every shift.

Staffing needs are constantly in flux, as a result, keeping labor costs under control is one of the biggest challenges. By approving a larger talent pool, Team Members select which hours work best for them and Forge’s Dynamic Wages help supply and demand reach equilibrium while ensuring every available shift is filled. 

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Hassle-Free Time & Attendance

Enhance Team Member efficiency by allowing them, when on-site, to clock-in and out using their mobile phone or a tablet running Forge in-store. They’ll also get reminders to take their breaks so they clock out in time. 

Daily Performance Reviews

Track your Team Member’s performance every day by giving a simple 1-5 star rating after each shift. Likewise, track your location’s success by seeing how your Team Members are rating your Managers and Store Environment every day.

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“Forge is going to shake up our retail industry… in a very good way.”

Al Sambar

Managing Partner, Kurt Salmon

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Companies can reduce turnover by empowering their employees and giving them the flexibility to create their own work schedule. Give Forge a spin with a 14 day free trial. Sign up to get started today.

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