flexible work pants

When you start typing “flexible work” into Google, one of the auto-fill options is “flexible work pants.”

We love flexible work at Forge, so we found it interesting (and funny0 that “flexible work pants” would be such a highly searched option. What could this mean about flexible work arrangements and jobs?

People who want flexible work pants are looking for:

  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Style
  • Professionalism

So we started thinking about flexible work arrangements in terms of flexible work pants. We realized that what people want in their work attire is the same that they want in their jobs themselves!


Today’s workers don’t want the tight, suffocating suit. They want loose, stretchy, flexible pants that can keep up with their hectic, on-the-go life. The more comfortable their outfit, the more they can move and breathe.

comfortable flexible work pantsThis idea of “comfort” and “breathability” with flexible work pants is crucial in choosing a flexible work arrangement as well. People want to have a work-life balance that makes their lives comfortable. They want the ability to rest and relax at home with their family in tandem with the security and reassurance of their career and work life.

“Comfort” comes with the ease and acknowledgment of a strong and happy work-life balance and integration.

Moreover, today’s worker is looking for literal comfort in their work attire. According to a Gallup survey, nearly 43% of employed Americans spend at least some time working remotely—aka working from their pajamas in their home. As telecommuting becomes more common, “PJ jobs” will grow in tandem.


versatile flexible work pantsNearly 7.6 million workers hold multiple jobs currently, and that number is only climbing. There are a number of reasons for workers holding multiple jobs, like a need to make ends meet as the cost of living rises.

However, working multiple jobs is not just a necessity. Individuals work a variety of jobs as a way of diversifying their capabilities and skills. They want to have access to more opportunities, more experiences, and more people.

Self-scheduling platforms, like Forge, have become one of the strongest forms of building versatile flexible work options. This allows workers to have several jobs where they control the hours that they work at each location. Smart employers see the value in hosting a large talent pool as a means of filling shifts with committed workers.

Learn more about self-scheduling your labor force here.


stylish flexible work pantsToday’s workers, especially millennials, don’t define themselves by their work—but they define themselves by the mission of their work. They want to show off their own personality and “style” by the type of work that they do. Workers care about the brand and face of their organization beyond just their individual job title. They believe in the purpose and passion of work.

The jobs you collect on your resume shows off who you are just as much as the pants you choose to wear to work each day.


People want flexible work pants that are not only comfortable, stylish, and versatile, but also pants that are work-appropriate. They want their pants to look professional but feel like PJs.

The same is true for the work-life balance. They want to have a mixture of professionalism and friendliness at work. Today’s push in business is towards positive work cultures. This means moving away from stark professionalism, without swinging the pendulum too far to a fun free-for-all. Employees want a balance between working hard and playing hard—both at work and at home.

In fact, research has shown that positive work environments foster more productive and engaged employees. The culture of an organization can impact everything from healthcare expenditures to engagement, from profitability to promotions.

Today’s workers want a balance of professionalism and play in a way that fosters positive workplace wellbeing.

The Bottom Line


As the saying goes: Dress for the job you want.

Today’s worker is dressing in their flexible work pants because they want flexible work arrangements. They want the comfort of a secure work-life balance, the versatility of multiple jobs, the purposeful “style” of their work mission, and a workplace culture of professionalism and positivity.

Stop just offering flexibility to your workers. Give them the opportunity to put on their flexible work pants and live the comfortable, versatile, stylish, and balanced life they desire.

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