The Forge Difference: How To Choose The Right Labor Scheduling Platform

What makes Forge different than our competitors? Why should you choose Forge over other platforms like Shiftgig, Wonolo, HotSchedules, or Deputy?

The short answer: Forge is the only platform that allows companies to offer “Uber-like” schedule flexibility to better retain their workforce AND maintain current interview and hiring practices to control each individual who works at their establishments.

Ongoing Hires

Today, hiring is often reactionary. Someone quits, and the manager or owner has to scramble to try to fill the position. The manager frantically posts ads on job boards, and then they hire the best candidate from their time-constricted pool of applicants. Once the manager fills that role, they go on their merry way—only to have the same scenario happen a month later when someone else leaves.

How To Choose The Right Labor Schedule PlatformSystems like Wonolo and Shiftgig help managers find candidates during these reactionary periods. A manager can post a last-minute job and find employees to cover those gigs. However, these platforms don’t help find long-term employees. They also call into question the productivity levels of short-term “gig” employees. (Deputy and HotSchedules don’t focus on recruitment or hiring employees; these instead function more as scheduling and time-in-attendance systems.)

The Forge Difference

Forge works to avoid this frantic hustle altogether by hiring long-term employees with “rolling admission.” On the Forge platform, the manager of a Pizza Hut, for example, uploads her job descriptions once and begins receiving applicants who want the ability to pick up shifts at her location. Those jobs are promoted indefinitely on the platform, and new applications can come in every week for the entire year.

As a manager, her job is to consistently interview, hire, and train the individuals she believes will perform well at her Pizza Hut. Hiring the top interviewees builds a talent pool of employees specific to her location, all of whom have access to the work schedule through Forge. The wider the talent pool, the more likely that shifts will be filled.

How To Choose The Right Labor Schedule Platform

Moreover, when one employee leaves the company, she isn’t feverishly trying to fill that role to avoid being understaffed. She has already put in the work on Forge to establish an entire pool of workers who are able to do that same job. Managers are almost never left without workers on staff.

Furthermore, Forge ensures you never miss out on the best talent. If you post a job ad for two weeks, you are only seeing those candidates that are looking for jobs during those two weeks. If you keep a job posting up indefinitely, as with Forge, you have access to talent outside of the time constraints of the traditional hiring process. You can always be searching for the best employees—without having to put in significant time, effort, or resources into recruitment.

Filling Shifts Last Minute

How To Choose The Right Labor Schedule PlatformShiftgig and Wonolo provide last minute staffing, whether it’s because someone just quit or someone called out. A manager will go on to the platform and post a job ad that says, for example, “I need a server in two hours.” Then, an individual—approved by Shiftgig or Wonolo—will pick up the shift and come in to work. They can pick up shifts for that same company in the future, but they are not employees of that company. They are not trained on the company’s standards and do not “belong” to the manager.

Forge can provide similar last minute staffing as well. However, the manager has already approved and trained —during the hiring process— the individuals who pick up those last-minute shifts. This transfers the fill-in hours from “gig hires” to employees.

Moreover, Forge is not only a last minute option. Employees can pick up shifts the same day, three weeks or three months in advance. This creates a more consistent and long-term schedule for employees and managers alike. Shifts are more likely to get filled and labor data is more likely to be consistent if all of the hours are centralized on one scheduling platform.

Scheduling Long-Term

How To Choose The Right Labor Schedule PlatformDeputy and HotSchedules can be used for long-term scheduling. Managers put their employees’ schedules on the system as a means of tracking and changing shifts. But life happens. If someone has to drop a shift because something comes up, Deputy and HotSchedules leave employees—and managers— in the dark. Workers are either forced to find someone to switch with them or call out altogether. This is problematic for both employees and businesses alike.

Forge, on the other hand, allows employees to drop and pick up shifts at will. Other employees are alerted when a shift is released. By hosting a wide talent pool, there should always be someone available to pick up a shift on the Forge platform. This ensures that managers aren’t left scrambling to fill shifts last minute and allows your employees to be stress-free when life throws a curveball. This steady, flexible work arrangement allows for employees to maintain control over their own schedules and work-life balance.

Control Of Labor

Wonolo and Shiftgig fill job openings with any individuals who are on the Wonolo or Shiftgig platform. This means that these platforms approve and “own” the labor pool. The employer does not have control this labor.

Forge, on the other hand, gives the control to the employers. Forge puts the ownership of labor in the hands of the managers.

Managers recruit on the Forge platform and then conduct the hiring process as usual. The manager sees an application on Forge, and they can review the applicant and move them into interview status. This unlocks the candidate’s phone and email, so the manager can contact them for on-site or in-person interviews and training as usual. The manager then goes on to Forge and marks the applicant as hired or rejected. If hired, that candidate becomes a part of that employer’s labor pool and has access to that employer’s schedule through the Forge scheduler.

This means that employers control their own talent pool. The people filling the shifts are trained in accordance with that business’s procedures. They are trained in accordance with your standards and practices; they are part of your labor pool. This maintains a sense of culture and engagement, even when filling last minute shifts.

How To Choose The Right Labor Schedule PlatformDeputy and HotSchedules also allow managers to control their own labor as well. On these systems, managers are scheduling people who are already on their workforce. However, these platforms are not self-scheduling. Thus, even though the employers “own” the employees they’re scheduling, these employees don’t have the ability to self-schedule, pick up last minute shifts, and build their work life around their personal life.

Job Consistency

Wonolo and Shiftgig function with inconsistent, reactionary hiring. Generally, they fill last minute roles when a business has call-outs or is understaffed. Deputy and HotSchedules are consistent but inflexible, and they don’t help with recruiting or filling last minute shifts.

Forge offers both consistency and flexibility, scheduling and recruiting. Employees can work for multiple companies on Forge (assuming they’ve been approved to be in each labor pool). They know that they will have a steady stream of work when they need or want it. They are employees of those companies that host them in that labor pool, just as if they were part-time employees. However, they can have the flexibility and freedom to choose the shifts they want each week based on their life’s priorities and their financial needs.

For businesses, offering this type of flexibility helps better attract and retain a workforce while also keeping companies compliant with the ACA.

How To Choose The Right Labor Schedule Platform

The Bottom Line

Wonolo and Shiftgig can help you fill last minute roles with hourly workers that these platforms have screened. Deputy and HotSchedules can help you track and maintain the schedules of your current employees.

But Forge falls somewhere in the happy medium. Forge allows you to fill last minute roles and long-term positions. You maintain control of the individuals you hire, while still hosting a wide network of employees available to work at any notice—while also allowing for flexible self-scheduling by those employees.

Forge is a recruitment and scheduling platform combined: by recruiting proactively, you ensure a stronger scheduling process in the future.

See the difference for yourself.

Create a Forge account right now to start proactively hiring a wide pool of flexible top talent. 


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