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The recent launch of Forge’s “Share Talent” feature instantly found success with businesses and workers alike. Sharing local talent pools reduces hiring, scheduling, and labor costs to streamline employee operations start-to-finish.

With the click of a button, you can simply request access to share labor pools with local businesses you know, including locations within-brand.

Why share talent?

You’re looking for more employees for your business.

Typically, you spend hundreds of dollars per hire to source and onboard a new employee.  From temp agencies to online recruiting sites, you’re averaging approximately $4,000 and 52 days to hire each new employee.

“Share Talent” lets you have instant access to a part-time labor pool at a fraction of that price.

In fact, Forge’s average cost per shared employee is $5 monthly.

Best yet, you’re sharing talent with similar businesses nearby. This means that you’re instantly tapping into a qualified labor pool of employees already working similar job functions and trainings. This saves even more money and time on initial training and onboarding.

How does it work?

When you sign up with Forge, you’ll see a list of local businesses also using Forge. You can request to “share talent” with another business nearby.

When the other location accepts, you’ll create a shared network of employees. You’ll be able to view their labor pool and schedules, and they’ll be able to view yours. You will also see a network of employees from all shared locations. This will only include employees who are open to selecting more shifts to work.

You can then select which individuals from this network that you want to invite to work for you by “Asking Them To Apply.” You’ll ask them to apply for a specific job function and number of hours or shifts.

Once the individual opts into your labor pool, you can bring them through your typical onboarding and training process.

That individual will then have access to your business’s labor schedule, which is housed right on Forge’s easy-to-use scheduling system. Employees can view, pick up, and change their shifts right on their mobile device. You can also assign shifts to ensure your schedule is always filled and optimized.

This self-scheduling provides flexibility and empowers workers to control their own work-life balance. In tandem, it removes the burden of scheduling from your managers so they can focus their energy on training and guest satisfaction.

With Share Talent, you’ll gain an extended labor pool of part-time employees ready to fill your shifts, serve your clients, and engage with your company.

Who is “Share Talent” good for?

Forge’s “Share Talent” feature works for any business with hourly or shift-based workers. Companies in the hospitality, entertainment, retail, and restaurant industries especially love the ability to have a pool of qualified, handpicked employees on-hand whenever a shift needs to be filled.

“Share talent” is also common for businesses with high turnover, especially if employees are frequently moving between similar companies in the local area. Sharing talent reduces turnover by providing multiple job opportunities and shifts to workers. Forge gives employees the flexibility to fill the hours and roles they want, which helps you hold on to and engage with your talent pool.

Forge lets you instantly access and find qualified talent from local businesses you know and trust. You maintain control over your hired labor pool, while providing flexwork benefits to your employees.  

And at nearly a fraction of the cost…

Who wouldn’t want that?

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