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Bill Gates reads 50 books per year. Warren Buffett reads 500 pages every day.

The most successful people in the world read every day in order to expand their knowledge and improve their focus. Reading is an investment in yourself. You spend time dedicated to improving your own processes, skills, and experience.

This year, be among the most successful people in the world and read one of the top business and development books: Superconnector: Stop Networking And Start Building Business Relationships That Matter.

This book provides a new perspective on how genuine business relationships are built through connection—not networking.

I had the privilege to interview the authors of this book, Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh for an exclusive with Forge.

Read on to learn about this book, what it means to be a superconnector, and how you can start connecting today!

About The Authors

superconnectorCo-authors of Superconnector, Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh cofounded the Community Company and the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). In the last decade, they’ve helped thousands of executives and entrepreneurs maintain and grow their professional communities—while in the process creating multi-million dollar companies of their own.

Throughout their work, Scott and Ryan noticed the “bastardization” of networking in today’s business.

Networking has become transactional. The state of networking today is a superficial professional relationship in order to get something from the other party.

Scott and Ryan decided to write Superconnector as a way of humanizing relationship building in a more natural and valuable way. With over ten years of experience managing communities for global brands and media companies, they’ve collected the brightest insights regarding how to build meaningful relationships.

It’s these learnings, gathered from key industry players and “everyman” leaders, that you can find in Superconnector.

Below you’ll find Ryan and Scott’s answers to some of our interview questions—and how you can become a superconnector yourself.

What is a superconnector?

Ryan: “Superconnector” is not a title you can bestow upon yourself. There are a lot of people who call themselves “superconnectors” because they have large networks. But connecting is about building real relationships and providing value first and foremost.

You have to give before you can even think about expecting anything in return. When you give, karma gives back to you.

Scott: Superconnectors are naturally curious people who love to listen and learn about others. They’re not going into a conversation trying to get something out of it. They go into the conversation to build a relationship and learn about the other person.

A superconnector realizes that by listening he or she can provide appropriate value in response. The more you provide value to your connections, the more you become the “go-to” resource in the future.

Can you be a superconnector even if you’re introverted?

superconnector bookRyan: Definitely. Writing this book has made us realize that there’s no right or wrong way to connecting when you embrace it from a relationship-building standpoint. Whether you’re introverted like me or extroverted like Scott, every single person is capable of makings connections—you just approach connection in different ways.

Scott: I think introverts are especially great superconnectors because they tend to listen first and speak second. This gives them a lot of time to understand and absorb the other person before providing a curated, meaningful response.

I’m actually really excited for extroverts to read this book. People always assume extroverts are great connectors, but that’s not always the case. Extroverts can be great at connecting with other extroverts but struggle when it comes to introverts. It’s critical to understand the person you’re talking to and meet them where they are.

I used to be very extroverted in every situation. But if you’re an extrovert dominating the conversation, introverts tend not to find as much value in the discussion. I’ve learned, especially while working with Ryan on this book, that emotional intelligence is the key to meaningful conversations and community building.

Ryan: You’ll definitely get two perspectives in this book with Scott and me! But you’ll get a lot of other great viewpoints as well.

Who do you interview in your book?

Ryan: We talk to some great minds, like Steve Sims, the CEO of Bluefish, for example. He’s the guy that can make just about anything happen. When a millionaire or billionaire wants to bring an experience to their client, Steve is the guy you call. He can make just about anything happen because he’s able to connect with people in an authentic, clear way.

We also interview John Levy, the author of “The 2AM Principle.” He talks about how he will host a dinner party and not allow people to bring their phones or business cards. The guests must have real conversations to strip down to your most human self, building genuine conversations outside of the “professional world.” They provide some really unique understandings into what it means to connect in an authentic way.

Scott: In this book, we interview some of the coolest superconnectors out there, but we also interview the everyman and everywoman. For example, we interview a local CPA who builds amazing business relationships. We talk to a window and roofing specialist who has become a fixture in her community because she focuses on impacting others’ businesses first and foremost. Both have become experts in their fields by focusing on building deep connections that build their businesses in tandem.

Ryan: This isn’t a book or a tactic for the 1%. Superconnecting is a strategy anyone can use in any industry or business. It’s just a mindset shift towards greater self-awareness and community focus.

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Why should readers delve into your book?

Ryan: This book puts you right into the minds of the best connectors out there. We help change your mindset from “I will get xyz out of this network” to “I will make connections to learn more and be a resource to this other person.” Superconnectors don’t stockpile personal wealth. They give because they want to give. And they hope and believe that karma will reward them. You can’t be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, because people will know your generosity is self-centered.

Scott: Right. The goal here is not to give you “tips and tricks” to add to your arsenal. We’re not giving you hacks or cheats. We are giving you a new perspective and viewpoint. This book works to change your mindset so you wake up every morning as someone who genuinely cares about building relationships in your business, industry, and even your personal life.

You have to believe in and live through the power of relationships.

Ultimately, it’s about giving back and serving others before getting anything in return. 

How can we get our hands on your book?

Release is February 27th everywhere books are sold! You can find it at your local bookstore, on, on iTunes books, and more. Check out for more info!

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