Forge has a team behind it. A team that is dedicated to empowering employees and transforming the future of work.

In our previous blog, and recent press (check us out in OZY and GTNexus), our Co-Founder/CEO, Stacey Ferreira, was introduced. Her experience and drive to make a difference is something our team is beyond proud of. She is a force. We continually seek to rise to match her in forging the future.

Keaton Wyse is certainly doing just that. Keaton is Co-Founder and Director of Business Development for Forge. I met Keaton back in October and immediately knew his energy and commitment to advancing Forge is powerful and undeniable. Keaton’s previous experience and skill set is truly an asset to Forge.

Keaton grew up in Colorado Springs and attended the university of Arizona. He developed his own career by progressing from an intern to a national sales account director at Yelp. This array of experience prepared him for overcoming the variety of obstacles a startup faces- daily- if not hourly. Now, as the Co-Founder/Director of Business Development for Forge, Keaton is able to take on the multitude of tasks while strengthening the company in every way necessary.

Keaton and Stacey met a few years back through mutual friends. Keaton was immediately interested in the idea and becoming part of Forge. He describes “I believe in the future of work. I believe in creating job opportunities and new streams of income for those who make hourly wages. Not to mention- I believe in Stacey. Not only her vision but who she is as a person and a leader.”

In the Co-Founder/Director of Business Development role, Keaton has been establishing relationships with employers. Keaton described to me that he often hears executives say they understand Forge and the labor challenges Forge seeks to solve (scheduling and talent acquisition/retention). Some have even reported having informal systems in place within their own businesses- but identify them as being inefficient. Additionally, Keaton states managers who have used Forge typically report “Through Forge, we go through fewer interviews, get access to more quality talent, and have increased our retention with our current staff.”

Keaton has been the lead in training and assisting managers and employees in using Forge. It has allowed him to realize the valuable outcomes for both when using the powerful platform. Keaton identifies Forge as suitable for any workplace with hourly employees. To date, success has been achieved in multiple retail locations, non profit settings, and warehouse/distribution centers. In one pilot at a distribution center with limited labor available, an additional 953.86 hours of work were scheduled on average each month using Forge. The flexible scheduling helped attract employees. Moreover, 100% of shifts made available on Forge were filled by at least one employee. As Keaton described, mangers recognized the benefit of empowering employees with their schedule while also strengthening their workforce to meet demand.

Keaton’s leadership in facilitating the use of Forge at non profit locations has also provided successful outcomes. Keaton described “non profits are able to optimize their direct support professionals and insure more shifts are filled providing better care for those who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Forge has a growing presence today and also in the future of work. Keaton believes “The future of work is collective and it is flexible. It allows employees to work with more autonomy and at multiple places advancing their skills and overall quality of life.” He hopes to one day advance Forge to have the ability to offer health insurance to hourly workers through the Forge platform.

The Forge team is strong with Stacey and Keaton acting in leadership roles striving to make flexible scheduling and talent sharing a reality. Continue to follow us on social media and in the press as Forge transforms the future of work!