Forge is growing with both users and team members! We are proud to announce the acquisition of ShiftMe, a shift-swapping app aimed at giving employees more flexibility over their hours. Read the press release here to learn more. With the acquisition, the ShiftMe team will operate within Forge. The acquisition will magnify Forge’s ability and capacity to expand.

Along with our powerhouse leaders, Stacey and Keaton (co-founders introduced in previous blogs), Megan Hottman is a new team member who brings invaluable knowledge and experience to Forge as the former founder/CEO of ShiftMe.

Megan was born and raised in Sacramento, California where she completed her undergraduate degree. She then went on to California State University, Long Beach and obtained a Master’s of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She describes “This degree is where I grew my passion for organizational behavior and the future of work.” While it may have paved the way for her future experiences, equally important was her experience working part time jobs.

Megan describes herself as being a very social person who enjoyed working the part time restaurant jobs through high school and college. Megan actually paid for her college working multiple restaurant jobs! Her enthusiasm for part time work also undoubtedly fueled her mission to reimagine the future of work.

Megan entered and advanced her corporate career before founding ShiftMe. She was integral in growing a mid stage software startup acting in a variety of departments/roles. As Director of Strategic Programs for an Orange County based SaaS company, she led a dynamic team, scaled the company, and managed international clients and partners. While she valued the experience and recognized her impact in the role- she still felt a calling to do more with her passion by improving the workplace for others. “We spend the majority of our waking hours working and it so greatly impacts everyone’s lives yet there are still so many inefficiencies and opportunities for technological support.” This desire led her to found ShiftMe.

“Back when I was serving… I was ALWAYS hustling to work as much as I could in between classes and cheerleading practice. I was certified in every position at the restaurant so I could have the most flexibility in shifts. I would sometimes call other locations of the same restaurant I worked in to ask for extra shifts.” Megan had spent years wondering when the concept of staff sharing would be the norm for hourly work. Upon seeing how technology was being used in diverse settings, and wanting to make an impact, she had the idea for ShiftMe!

ShiftMe evolved from her desire to do something into a mobile application for shift scheduling and swapping. The core technology enables employees to list a shift that they can no longer work on the mobile app for other brand certified employees (across any store location) to pick up and gives managers the ability to approve the shift swap.

Megan made the decision to join Forge after realizing the potential value of collaborating on a shared mission. She tells “We all agreed that we are tackling a huge problem in the world and could benefit from collaboration. Once I met with Stacey and the team, we instantly hit it off. We had complimentary products, clients we could serve, and most importantly values. . . We decided it was best to join forces and tackle this mission together in order to make the largest impact possible.”

The acquisition enhances Forge’s ability to respond to customer demand and the capacity to expand in diverse settings. The Forge team is incredibly proud to have Megan as we move forward to transform the future of work. Continue to follow us on social media.