Team Member interviewing on ForgeYou’re applying for a job and have been asked to submit a video interview answering situational questions or questions about your previous work history. In some respects this is great. You don’t have to travel to conduct the interview and you don’t have to suffer through seeing someone’s facial expressions at your off-the-cuff answers. But on the flip side, you’re prone to overthinking the interview. Here are 10 tips to getting the job:

Write down bullet point answers before pressing record.

It’s easy to hop right into the interview, but spending a few minutes writing down topics that you want to cover for each question in the interview will ensure you’re prepared when you press record.

Practice in the mirror.

Practice in a mirror to ensure you’re looking authentic when answering questions and to get used to the way you’ll look on the screen when you’re recording your answers.

Dress for success.

Dressing up for the interview might put you in the right mindset to perform your best. Even if the camera only captures your shoulders, suiting up can help. Pull out that collared shirt, iron it and get ready for the camera! 

Show off your personality.

Employers can tell fairly quickly when candidates are being authentic or saying what they want to hear. Don’t be afraid to show a bit of your personality to give them a flavor of how you might fit in with the company’s culture.

Be truthful.

In video, it’s easy to see people’s facial micro-expressions. When employers can watch the video over and over again, they might start to notice how you really feel. So be sure to re-watch your video for these subtleties.

Record, Record and then be done.

It’s easy to record and delete your videos a million times. But the more you delete videos to start over, the more frustrated most people get. And the frustration shows in all future recordings! Record your answers one or two times, and if you want to try again, take a break for a few minutes to re-group.