Lady working on laptop from homeFrom the agricultural age to the information age, we have experienced major shifts in where we work, how we work and what we do at work.  With Millennials graduating into the workforce, baby boomers living longer and the advent of new technologies, the future of work has taken a center stage in elections across the world. While there has been a lot of negative rhetoric about the future of work in recent times, we’re optimistic. Here are three things we think you’ll love about it:


You won’t be told when to work.

For those working in the service sectors (restaurants, retail, etc.), being told when you have to work is a way of the past. Companies like Forge have made it simple to be employed and pick your own hours working for multiple companies at once. You’ll no longer have to juggle schedules from multiple jobs, and instead you’ll have the freedom to pick exactly what hours you want to work.


You won’t be told where to work.

Forget about working 9-5 in a cubicle. Want to take a two week trip to Thailand? No problem. Install Skype on your laptop and your phone and off you go. Technology has empowered us to communicate in ways that were never possible before. Increasingly, people are working from home and even starting to take jobaticals.

You won’t be working for one employer for 20 years.

Much like technology, companies today come and go. Only 57 of the companies that were in the original Fortune 500 list in 1955 are still on that list. Companies like Salesforce, Google and Netflix have taken their place. Turnover on the list of top companies is increasing each year. Now that employees also have access to more opportunities than ever before, we have a recipe for change.

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